About Kevyn

I am a strong believer in restoring natural health to our bodies, not only because I've spent years studying and practicing natural medicine, but because I have seen miraculous results in myself and others who have applied these principles to their lives.

I recieved my Naturopathic Doctor degree from Trinity College of Natural Health. I am a Certified Body Ecologist and a Certified Natural Health Professional. I studied the full spectrum of Natural Health, but focus on certain specialized areas of Natural Health in my practice (defined on the Services Page).

I have always been interested in Natural Health and gone to Natural Practitioners. I believe that it is most beneficial to utilize our body's natural healing abilities to reach wellness and stay there. Many of my clients have found that modern medicine was not addressing the cause of their dis-ease and found that they were not getting well or feeling well. Others seek me out because they want to be as healthy and natural as possible. Whatever the reason, my clients can be assured that I will work with them on an individual basis to find their unique solution and balance.

My family consists of myself, my husband, two sons, three dogs, two cats, and a rabbit!
Before I became a Naturopathic Doctor, I spent years in the medical field and taught in the Department of Ophthalmology at Oklahoma University.


Kevyn Kennedy- Holdcraft



    Kevyn Kennedy is committed to a

holistic understanding of man that is taught
in the Scriptures. Man has a physical body,

a mind (emotions), and a spiritual nature.

Only when he/she is capable of developing

as a total person (physically, mentally and

spiritually), is he/she capable of enjoying

true health and a balanced life.


Naturopathic Doctor

Certified Natural Health Professional

Certified Body Ecologist

Certified NAET Practitioner